Area Gripping System FX / FXP

As a unit that is ready for connection, the area gripping system FXP is equipped with a plug-in ejector for vacuum generation. It can be individually configured and quickly retooled in case of changing application conditions. The modular design ensures easy maintenance and enables the integration of additional functions for energy and process optimization directly in the gripper.

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Modular Design with Integrated Vacuum Generation

Integrated Plug-in Ejector

  • Optimized ejector performance: with comparatively low maximum vacuum, the ejector generates a high

  • volume flow and thus provides high holding forces, especially for applications with porous workpieces

  • Fast evacuation and high suction flow even at low vacuum values

  • Control valves integrated into the end cover for controlling the suction and blow off functions (optional)

  • Silencer for reducing the sound level to 74 dB(A)

  • Ready to connect unit, easy to clean

Sealing foam and suction pads can be changed quickly and easily due to the optimized adhesive film and the push-in function

Sealing Foam with Quick-Change Adhesive Film

  • Optimal adjustment capabilities

  • Quick rebound for short cycle times

  • Replaceable without adhesive residue and without the need to clean the sheet

  • Intended for workpieces wider than 20 mm (in the design with 5 suction rows, on request)

  • With optional filter mat

Suction Pads with Push-in Function

  • Optimal height compensation and damping effect

  • Quick replacement due to the push-in mechanism

  • Diameters 20 mm and 40 mm

  • Made from FDA-compliant silicone

  • With optional insert filter

Valve type and size can be changed easily and quickly in case of changing requirements

Check Valves SVK

  • Ball valves integrated in the base section for closing off uncovered suction cells

  • Leak-free integrated, resulting in a higher vacuum as well as improved energy efficiency and holding force

  • Valve film with clover shape for high flow rate and quick picking up and blowing off

  • Proper functioning ensured even with unplaned surfaces

Flow Restrictors SW

  • Valve film with integrated flow restrictors to minimize leakage losses due to uncovered suctions cells

  • Suitable for swiveling operations and high accelerations

  • Different flow diameters available (optional)

Universal Connection Strip

  • Screw-in suction pad strips for usage with FXP/FMP area grippers

  • Flexible use of a large selection of suction pads from the Schmalz components program

Vacuum Switch

  • Detection of the required vacuum and start of cycle by part present signal

  • Optimization of cycle times

  • Part number

Separation Function

  • Separation of porous workpieces (e.g. boxes, MDF/particle boards) during destacking

  • Active initiation of an adjustable, targeted compressed air pulse

  • Part number on request

Sensor Kit

  • For workpiece and position detection

  • Optimization of cycle times and increase in process reliability

  • Includes attachment bracket

  • Part number on request

Attachment Kit Sliding Block

  • 4 sliding blocks

  • 4 screws (M8x16)

  • Part number

Attachment Kit Flange Plate

  • 1 flange plate

  • Includes sliding block attachment kit

  • Part number

Attachment Kit Double Flange Plate

  • 1 double flange plate

  • Includes sliding block attachment kit

  • Part number

Attachment Kit Spring-Loaded Level Compensation

  • 1 spring plunger (50 mm stroke) with jointed mounting

  • Includes flange plate attachment kit

  • Part number

Attachment Kit Flexible Level Compensation

  • 1 spring plunger (50 mm stroke) with spherical bearing

  • Maximum flexibility for uneven workpieces

  • Self-centering and therefore no jamming

  • Part number on request

Cover Strip for T-Slots

  • Positive-locking cover for the T-slots

  • Easy cleaning

  • Cable duct possible

  • Available by the meter

  • Part number

Integrated Control Valves (for Type FXP-S)

  • For switching vacuum and blow off on/off

  • Minimum suction and blow off times

  • Electrical connection via M12 plug (4-pole)

  • Part number on request

Automated Handling of Strongly Bent Aluminum Sections using the FXC Gripping System

Area Gripping System for handling aluminum sections

A pre-configured vacuum gripper system from Schmalz, mounted on a robot, is used to automatically handle the sections between the individual work stages. The gripper system comprises four FXC large-area grippers with integrated vacuum generation.


Large-area gripping system FXC for use with tabletop saw

Large-area gripping system FXC for use with tabletop saw

Sawing of wood panels is a dangerous and accurate work. The Warsaw Machinery company integrates into their automated saw systems, the large-area gripping system FXC. It enabled the handling for various workpieces in undefined positions.


Door handling with vacuum gripping system FXC

Door handling with vacuum gripping system FXC

The large-area vacuum gripping system FXC is often used for the handling of doors. The FXC enabled the gripping of doors without damage and marking. The gripping system put down the doors on an exact position.


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