Carolin Klumpp – Direct Entrant at Schmalz

Employee in Strategic Purchasing

My first introduction to Schmalz was as an intern many years ago. At the time, I worked in the Vacuum Clamping System division. Part of my internship was to work in Assembly and Logistics, which was a great benefit for my subsequent bachelor thesis. I was immediately welcomed into the team in all the divisions, and someone was always there to answer my questions. My colleagues were very open and ready to help.

Later, once I had nearly finished my studies as a Bachelor of Science, I came back to the company to write my thesis. The thesis was based on a delivery specification in the Materials Management and Logistics division. After performing well during the internship and completing the thesis, I was then hired directly by Schmalz. I have worked in Purchasing ever since. I knew from the start that I would be given a lot of responsibility here, and would be able to work independently at the same time. I gladly accepted the challenge and have never regretted my decision to this day.

There’s a really pleasant atmosphere in the Purchasing team. Everyone is helpful and we look for solutions together. All my input and suggestions are valued, and are implemented wherever it makes sense. We do regular team activities to foster our sense of camaraderie. For instance, we eat together regularly.

The nice thing about my work is that it varies greatly and I have frequent contact with the other divisions. My daily work also requires a lot of flexibility and open-mindedness. My duties since starting in Purchasing have quickly expanded, changed and developed.