Bachelor of Science Information Technology

Bits and bytes and the best prospects for the future - this aptly describes the Bachelor of Engineering Computer Science degree program. Students acquire knowledge in the fields of engineering and computer science. This enables them to drive digitization forward like hardly anyone else.

The study

For Schmalz, the future has already begun. Today, we are already thinking about the products of tomorrow - and as a computer science engineer, you will support us in this. During your dual studies at Schmalz and at the Horb campus of the DHBW Stuttgart, you will learn to develop and integrate hardware and software components. You will participate in the development of products for the intelligent and networked factory and support our customers and us on the path to Industry 4.0. One of the focal points during your time at Schmalz will be the design of user-friendly apps for mobile communication.

At the same time, of course, we know that digitization isn't everything. To ensure that you also experience as much as possible of the real world, we send you to one of our branches abroad during an internship semester.

During your studies, you will work for us primarily in the IT department and in product development. And afterwards? At Schmalz, we believe that the future is digital. That's why you have good prospects for a successful career with us as a graduate.