Allow me: Your trainers.

A good professional future always begins with good training. That's why our trainers, together with the IHK-certified learning coaches in the specialist areas, bear a special responsibility. We rely on a team of qualified professionals who not only convince with know-how and commitment - but also always have an eye for people.

Nathanael Schaber
Head of Dual Studies and Trainer Technical Training

Our training programs are structured so that you learn everything you need to know. At the same time, they also leave plenty of room for your own ideas. After all, we don't just want you to learn from us, but also to get to know your suggestions so that we can move Schmalz forward together.

Simon Müller
Instructor Technical Training

It's important to me to always have an open ear for the trainees. Training is not just about learning the job, but about making a successful start to your working life. Our aim is to support you wherever you need us.

Simon Schwarz
Instructor Technical Training

Schmalz sets handling trends and is active in a wide variety of industries. It goes without saying that we also offer you a lot of variety. In addition to technical content, we also place great emphasis on social skills.

Patrick Hinger
Instructor Technical Training

During your training, you will pass through many different departments. This allows you to develop optimally and recognize your strengths. Doing things yourself is much more rewarding than watching. So: Roll up your sleeves!

Kathrin Kilgus
Head of Dual Studies and Commercial Training

Schmalz is a family business. And in a family, mutual respect, partnership and cohesion count. I take the concerns of students and trainees seriously and treat them as equals. The apprenticeship is the chance to become our specialist of tomorrow. So: Secure your job with prospects and interesting tasks!