• Suction Cup Balance for automated, precise gripping and clamping of various workpieces in a production line
  • Ideal for securely gripping and clamping of uneven 3D free-form surfaces
  • Mirrored gripping and clamping possible through precise mapping of the workpiece contour
  • Driveless adjusting with no mechanical stops or positioning aids
Product Highlights
  • Flexible design of gripping and clamping systems due to precise positioning of the workpiece support
  • Software controlled 3D free-form surfaces via 2D reference surface enables automated set-up process
  • Individually lockable, unpressurized positioning pins automatically adapt to the workpiece contour
  • Special support material allows reliable fixation even of complex parts
Suction Cup Balance SSCB
  • Flexible bellows suction cup (1) for adapting perfectly to the workpiece
  • Main body (2) made of aluminium
  • Compressed air supply (3) for spring force
  • Vacuum supply (4) for suction cup
  • Compressed air supply (5) for releasing positioning Pins, one for each pin
  • Positioning pins (6) with padded tips that are gentle on the workpiece
  • Clamping and gripping system for free-form 3D contours
  • Precise, accurate positioning workpiece enabled by automated assembly processes
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