VC-M-SPV 200x55

Part no.:

Multi-Clamp - Suction plate for operation with vacuum pump

Length L200 mm
Width B55 mm
Attribute Value
B 55 mm
L 200 mm
Attribute Value
Weight 0.85 kg

Ordering information: VC-M-SPV 200x55

The Multi-Clamp system is delivered assembled. The product consists of: 

  • Suction plate with sealing
  • Multi-Base with turning and swivelling unit 
  • Vacuum hose 

Available spare parts: friction insert, sealing profile 
Available accessories: Multi-Base VC-M-B, Multi-Clamp suction plate VC-M-SP, Multi-Base VC-M-BV, Multi-Clamp suction plate VC-M-SPV, Multi-Clamp vacuum pump VC-M-PU, foot-operated interrupter FU, accessories