Vacuum Clamping Technology for the Wood Industry

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Wooden boards are processed in CNC machining centers to manufacture furniture and other products. During this process, the flat boards are clamped in the machine. Using vacuum clamping technology, suction is applied to the bottom of the workpieces to hold them securely in place. This allows the workpiece to be processed on five sides without modifying the machinery.

Schmalz offers a broad range of clamping equipment for all table types and various manufacturers. Schmalz offers machine manufacturers and outfitters complete, cross-manufacturer, individualized clamping systems for vacuum-driven machine tables.

Vacuum Clamping Technology for the Wood Industry

For automated processes, Schmalz offers vacuum components and gripping systems ready for connection

Vacuum technology for automated processes in the wood industry

Vacuum lifters and smoothly running crane systems make manual processes more ergonomic

Vacuum lifters and cranes for manual processes for woodworking

Vacuum Clamping Technology in Action

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