Open Catalog Interface (OCI)

Connect your ERP system with the Schmalz vacuum technology shop


Are you interested in using the Open Catalog Interface or do you have any questions? Then simply contact our e-commerce team.

T: +49 7443 2403-606

With the Open Catalog Interface, you can take advantage of the many benefits of our online shop while maintaining internal approval processes. No duplication of effort required to manually enter the online shop order in your ERP and eProcurement system.

What steps are involved in an OCI order?

Once your ERP and eProcurement system has been connected to our online shop, you can simply add the desired products to the shopping cart. Click the Punchout button. Instead of initiating a regular online shop order, the shopping cart will be transferred to your enterprise resource planning system. Defined fields such as name, order quantity, part number, etc. are automatically populated and a precompleted order is available. This can now go through your internal approval processes. The actual order is made in the usual way, for example by e-mail or fax.

Advantages of OCI

  • Direct connection between your enterprise resource planning system and the Schmalz vacuum technology shop
  • All functions of the online shop are available to use
  • Price and availability can be checked in real time
  • Time savings, since orders no longer need to be recorded twice
  • Compliance with internal approval processes
  • Less need for master data maintenance due to dynamic transfer of defined fields into your ERP and eProcurement system during punchout
  • Thanks to the standard interface, the system can be implemented with little effort from IT