• Ready-to-connect handling set for lightweight robots and cobots based on an intelligent and pneumatic area gripper
  • Contains the area gripper and the required connection cable
  • Low-weight handling set for handling workpieces in the area of intra-logistics
  • Perfect for stationary handling tasks such as palletizing and de-palletizing cardboard boxes
Product Highlights
  • Set includes all components to build a ready-to-connect gripper
  • NFC interface allows quick access to device data via smartphone
  • High effective payload despite light, dynamic geometry thanks to additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Communication via IO-Link enables easy integration and monitoring of the gripper in digital environments
Handling Sets FXCB
  • Modular gripper with 3D-printed housing
  • Flange (1) for mechanical connection to the lightweight robot or cobot
  • Integrated vacuum generation (2) through energysaving ejector modules SEP
  • Flexible sealing foam with adhesive film or suction cups (3)
  • Vacuum switch VSi (4) for system monitoring
  • Compressed air connection (6) and electrical connection M12-8 (5) for connection cable
  • Area gripper with integrated vacuum generator and connection cable
  • Sealing element: Sealing foam or suction cups
  • Suitable for operation with lightweight robots and cobots
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