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  • Robust gripper with connection for electrical vacuum generators for powerful handling of lumber, planed or glued timber, sheet materials, pallets, crate elements
  • Handling of naturally grown materials with knots or cracks or with warped, rough surfaces
  • Ideal for the rough application conditions in sawmills or in woodworking and furniture construction
  • As double gripper configuration also suitable for unstacking and transporting workpieces in layers when in the double gripper configuration
  • Ideal for operation with industrial robots and gantries due to its low weight and compact dimensions
Area Gripping Systems FMHD

The product family Area Gripping Systems SBX-C without Ejector phases out and is still available until 06-30-2021

Beginning on this date, items in this product family can no longer be ordered.
Alternate family (see picture): Area Gripping Systems FMHD

Area Gripping Systems SBX-C without Ejector
  • Aluminum basic profile (1) with integrated vacuum reservoir
  • Compact valve units (2) with control valves, vacuum gauges and electrical and pneumatic connections; valve unit is removable
  • Sealing foam (3) rebounds quickly and resistant to wear thanks to its sandwich design, with quick-change adhesive film
  • End cover (4)
  • Connecting (5) for external vacuum generation
  • Connection for external vacuum generation
  • Sealing element: Sealing foam


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