Holders for Double-Blank Sensors DBD

  • Double-blank detection ensuring process reliable detection of individual sheets during destacking process, e.g. in a press-shop
  • Spring mounted holder for sensors with M42 thread
  • Integration of a sensor with M54 thread
  • Adaption of a sensor with M36 thread
Product Highlights
  • Jointed bearing enables exact positioning of the sensor, which reduces false signals and downtimes
  • Spring-mounted design with block protection compensates for height differences and prevents breakage of the springs
  • Special bell suction ring prevents leakage at the sensor screw connection
  • Reduces downtimes, as bell suction ring is easy to change
  • Compatible with common sensors with M36, M42 or M54 thread
Holders for Double-Blank Sensors DBD
  • Holder for double-blank sensors in a jointed and spring-mounted design
  • Changable bell-shaped suction ring made of oil resistant NBR (3)
  • Sensor holder for sensors (2) with M42 or M54 thread
  • Flexible tooling connection (1) with different holders (with quick-change coupling and 19 mm pin, alternatively permanent attached with 19 mm pin)
  • Suction ring diameter: 100 mm
  • Stroke: 36 mm
  • Height: 178 mm
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