• Flange sets for easy connection of gripping systems to lightweight robots
  • Wide range of applications for automated workpiece handling
  • Suitable for a wide range of different robot types
  • Double beam flange can be used on both sides for minimum overall heights
Configure instead of construct

Assemble an individual PXT gripper easily and quickly in just a few steps from the modular system.

Product Highlights
  • Simple clamping enables fast assembly
  • Low profile flange ensures low interference contour
  • Flange patterns suitable for common lightweight robots
  • Different flange inserts allow quick change between different robot types
Flange Sets PXT
  • Suitable flange pattern (1) for common lightweight robots
  • Flange ring for the connection of a single beam (2)
  • Clamping (3) for easy mounting
  • Flange for connecting double beams (4)
  • Robot specific centering disk (5) as mounting aid
  • Flange patterns suitable for common lightweight robots
  • Connection for single or double parallel beam
  • Suitable for tube profile D30
  • Clamping rings and clamping strips for easy mounting
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