• Floating suction cup for handling and separation of extremely thin workpieces without permanent deformation (e.g. film, paper, wood veneer)
  • Handling of very porous workpieces (e.g. printed circuit board)
  • Handling of highly sensitive workpieces (e.g. wafer, solar cells)
Product Highlights
  • Operation without ejector, as vacuum is generated according to Bernoulli's principle
  • Low-touch handling, as suction cup "floats" on an air cushion
  • High leakage compensation due to high volume flow at low vacuum
  • Safe separation of thin, porous workpieces
  • Elastomer buffers made of HT1 on the underside of the suction cup optimally absorb transverse forces
Floating Suction Cups SBS
  • Connection directly via four mounting threads on the top side (1); vertical (2) and horizontal compressed air connections
  • Anodized aluminum main body with integrated Bernoulli nozzle (3)
  • Streaming element (4) in two versions: Standard Flow SF for airtight workpieces and High Flow HF for higher leakage compensation on porous workpieces
  • Mark-free rubber buffer of special material HT1 on the bottom side of the suction cup (5)
  • Optional available with central support
  • Vacuum (A), exhaust-air (B)
  • Diameter: 10 to 120 mm
  • Holding force: 1.4 to 104.0 N
  • Rubber buffer on the bottom side of the suction cup
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