SGM-HP 40x121

Part no.:

Magnetic gripper for handling metal sheets with holes

Pressure range (operating pressure)2.5 ... 6.0 bar
Holding force (max.)1,070 N
SGM-HP 40x121
Attribute Value
B 40 mm
G2 G1/8"-F
G4 M5-F
G5 M6-F
H 101.70 mm
H2 36.70 mm
H3 33.60 mm
H4 2.60 mm
LG2 7 mm
LG4 7 mm
LG5 6.50 mm
Workpiece diameter (min) 63 mm
X1 57 mm
X2 20 mm
X3 60 mm
Y1 40 mm
Y2 81 mm
Y3 16 mm
Attribute Value
Sheet thickness opt f. holding force max. 4 mm
Holding force (max.) 1070 N
Remaining force 1.80 N
Pressure range (operating pressure) 2.5 ... 6.0 bar
Installation position Any
Control valve Bistable
Operating temperature 5 ... 70 °C
Weight 1500 g
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Ordering information: SGM-HP 40x121

The magnetic gripper SGM-HP/-HT (multiple) is delivered assembled.

The assembly consists of:

  • Gripper of type SGM-HP/-HT (multiple)
  • Optional holder system
  • Optional proximity switch (only for SGM-HP)