• Electronic vacuum switch VSi-HD with an IO-Link interface for measuring and monitoring vacuum in automation and handling systems
  • Heavy-duty version for use in rugged environments (e.g. due to acceleration, dirt or vibrations)
  • Installation directly on the suction cup, especially in decentralized vacuum systems
  • Input and output of process parameters via the control
Product Highlights
  • Electronic vacuum switch with digital switching signals precisely measures and evaluates process data
  • Rugged, compact design optimized for harsh environments
  • Input and output of relevant process data via the controller using IO-Link
  • Leakage monitoring through visual or digital output enables predictive maintenance
  • Compact Vacuum Switch VSi-HD without display with a robust design
  • Robust aluminium housing
  • Operating and switching point indication by LED
  • Assembly via large key area
  • Connection plug M12-4 Pin
  • Compact vacuum switch VSi-HD without display in robust design
  • Measuring range: from -1 to 0 bar
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