Basic ejector with maximum suction capacity

ShapeHigh Vacuum
Suction rate (max.)870 l/min
Air consumption suction395 l/min
Weight1.1 kg
Attribute Value
B 83 mm
B1 85 mm
B2 16 mm
B3 48 mm
G1 G3/8"-F
G2 G1"-F
G3 G1/4"-F
G4 G1/8"-F
G5 M5-M
H 72 mm
H1 74 mm
L 167.50 mm
L1 285.30 mm
L2 54 mm
L3 67 mm
L4 113 mm
L5 64 mm
LG5 8.50 mm
X1 73.50 mm
Y1 62 mm
Attribute Value
Size 100
Degree of evacuation 90 %
Max. vacuum 900 mbar
Suction rate (real) 870 l/min
Suction rate (theo) 1320 l/min
Suction rate (real) 52.20 m³/h
Suction rate (theo) 79.20 m³/h
Air consumption suction 395 l/min
Air consumption suction 24.50 m³/h
Sound level free 70 dB(A)
Sound level suction 64 dB(A)
Pressure range (operating pressure) 2.0 ... 6.0 bar
Pressure range (operating pressure) 29.0 ... 87.0
Recomm. internal hose diameter compressed air 9 mm
Recomm. internal hose diameter vacuum 32 mm
Weight 1.10 kg
Operating temperature 0 ... 60 °C
Max. vacuum 26.58 inHg
Product family SBPL


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Ordering information: SBPL 100 HV

The basic ejector SBPL is supplied as a product ready for connection.

Available accessories: retrofit kit, sealing plugs, vacuum manometer, quick exhaust valves, solenoid valves, mounting brackets