• Oval suction plate for handling of elongated, narrow workpieces such as sections or door and window frames
  • Considerably higher suction force than round, flat suction cups with long, narrow workpieces
  • SPLO 100x32-TV and SPLO 300x100-TV available with touch valve to detect presence of workpieces
  • SPLO 100x30 to SPLO 300x100 with long sealing lip for handling very curved workpieces
Product Highlights
  • Suction plate in oval design ideal for handling long and curved workpieces (e.g. profiles)
  • Versatile supporting plate made of steel or aluminum with vulcanized sealing lip
  • Sealing lip made of NBR prevents marks on sensitive surfaces
  • Wide range of sizes for different workpieces
Suction Plates SPLO
  • Robust and wear-resistant suction plate with single sealing lip
  • Sealing lip vulcanized to support plate
  • SPLO 100x32-TV and SPLO 300x100-TV with touch valve
  • Sealing lip made of NBR for minimum marking of workpieces
  • Dimensions: 60 x 20 to 370 x 80 mm
  • Material: NBR
  • Supporting plate vulcanized to elastomer part
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