Schmalz Videocast

Schmalz Experts on Innovations and Trends in Vacuum Technology

What's new with Schmalz? Which robotics and automation trends are driving the industry? Find out first-hand from our experts.

Schmalz Videocast #017 - Magnetic Grippers SGM-HP

In this video, we present our magnetic grippers SGM-HP: the ideal gripping solution for complexly shaped workpieces where suction cups reach their limits.

Schmalz Videocast #016 - Flat Jib with Cable Carrier V-Chain

In this video, we present our new successful duo in the field of crane technology: our modular flat jib in combination with the new cable carrier V-Chain. In rooms with low ceiling heights or for logistic traffic below the jib cranes, ergonomic handling solutions can be realized due to the space-saving design.

Schmalz Videocast #015 - Food Gripper SFG

In this video, we present the new Flow Gripper for Food Products SFG. The modular, compact gripper was developed especially for handling dry food products. The suction cup is made from FDA-compliant silicone and is therefore suitable for direct contact with food.

Schmalz Videocast #014 - Area Gripper FQE

In this video, we present the new Area Gripper FQE. This versatile gripper has been developed to pick up workpieces regardless of their shape, size or position.

Schmalz Videocast #013 - Finger Gripper OFG

In this video, we present the new Finger Grippers OFG. With their innovative design, the new finger grippers OFG from Schmalz demonstrate a sure instinct when handling sensitive products. The hygienic design version meets the highest requirements for food safety and hygiene.

Schmalz Videocast #12 - Bin-Picker SBPG

In this video, we present the new Bin-Picker SBPG. The ready-for-connection vacuum gripper is ideal for removal from containers with chaotic or pre-sorted packing patterns.

Schmalz Videocast #11 - Vision & Handling Set 3D-R

In this video, we present you the solution for bin picking: Our Vision & Handling Set 3D-R. The Vision & Handling Set 3D-R is a combination of a vacuum gripping system specially optimized for bin picking with a 3D camera system, the appropriate software and suitable connection equipment for the robot.

Learn more about the Vision & Handling Set 3D-R

Schmalz Videocast #10 - Wood panel seperation

In this video we present two methods from vacuum technology for separating wooden panels during handling. If porous or absorbent wooden boards are picked up, often several boards are lifted.

Schmalz Videocast #09 - Multi Gripper for JumboFlex

In this video we present the new multi gripper. It can be used on our JumboFlex and is ideal for handling cardboard boxes and packages up to 50kg.

Schmalz Videocast #08 - Compact Ejectors SCPM

In this video, we present the new compact ejector series SCPM. The vacuum generators offer maximum suction capacity combined with a wide range of functions in the smallest installation space.

Schmalz Videocast #07 - SCG-HSS Gripper

In this video, we present the Schmalz SCG-HSS gripper. The SCG-HSS gripper is ideal for handling workpieces with highly structured surfaces such as assembled printed circuit boards.

Learn more about the SCG-HSS gripper

Schmalz Videocast #06 - Connect Suite

In this video we present the Schmalz Connect Suite. With the Connect Suite, intelligent Schmalz products and IO-Link components from various manufacturers can be put into operation, managed and analysed more quickly - clearly arranged in a web front-end.

Learn more about the Schmalz Connect Suite

Schmalz Videocast #05 - Suction Cups made of NBR-ESD

In this video we present the suction cup material NBR-ESD. It protects sensitive electronic components from uncontrolled electrostatic discharge, as it features a special resistance level.

Learn more about the suction cup material NBR-ESD

Schmalz Videocast #04 - Compact Terminal SCTSi

In this video, we present the Schmalz compact terminal SCTSi. The SCTSi compact terminal forms a central unit for vacuum generation, control and monitoring in automated systems.

Learn more about the SCTSi compact terminal

Schmalz Videocast #03 - Vacuum Generator ECBPM

In this video we present the electric vacuum generator ECBPM. The small and lightweight vacuum generator is ideally suited for handling small and suction-tight work pieces with lightweight robots and cobots.

Learn more about the Vacuum Generator ECBPM

Schmalz Videocast #02 - Lightweight Gripping Systems SLG

In this video, we present the Schmalz lightweight gripper SLG. This gripper is produced using a 3D printing process and, due to its maximum load capacity of ten kilograms, is ideally suited for use with lightweight robots and robots for the automated handling of various workpieces.

Learn more about the Schmalz Lightweight Gripper SLG

Schmalz Videocast #01 -Tooling System SXT

In this video we introduce the Schmalz Tooling System SXT. The system simplifies the construction of flexibly adjustable lightweight toolings for the automotive industry and is mainly used in dynamic processes in the press shop and body shop.

Learn more about the Schmalz Tooling System SXT