LIFE+ benefit package: That little extra for trainees and DH students

Do you lump everyone together? Not with us: We look at each and every employee individually. That's why we can offer them flexible working hours, an exceptionally high takeover rate and a secure job. This regularly earns us awards for our HR work and lots of employees who enjoy their work.

Learning and working

  • Free knowledge: We offer you more than 80 exclusive courses, workshops and e-learnings per year.
  • We are there for you: at weekly feedback rounds and with trainee mentors from older cohorts.
  • Tools for the future: We provide you with notebooks and tablets.
  • Expanding horizons: DH students spend an exciting internship semester abroad.


  • Well secured: We pay fair wages and salaries.
  • A plus for the bottom line: We offer a wide range of bonuses, for example for good performance at school, for suggestions for improvement, and non-smoking and health bonuses.
  • Deep discounts: You benefit from employee discounts at numerous online stores.
  • Easy payment: at many regional stores with your personal voucher card.

Sport and health

  • A strong point: we have a fully equipped gym for strength and endurance training.
  • Stay nice and loose: Massages directly on the company premises relieve any tension.
  • Running, Zumba, beach volleyball: we offer sports enthusiasts numerous opportunities to let off steam.

Team spirit

  • Have fun: Whether it's Europa-Park or karting - you decide what you want to plunder the team coffers for.
  • Learn about it: Factory tour at Daimler? Just one idea among many for the annual trainee excursion.
  • On a first-name basis: The spell is broken at the latest after the get-to-know-you days and the familiarization project.

You will find further employer benefits in our overall package.

LIFE+ for employees