IT specialist

IT specialists are designers of the digital world - in two respects: They can choose between two specializations. In application development, they program exciting software projects. In systems integration, they build software and hardware systems and ensure that everything runs smoothly from a technical point of view.

The training

You are not afraid of updates? You know that ROM is not only the capital of Italy? And you have more up your sleeve than just getting the neighbor's printer to work? Then training as an IT specialist at Schmalz is a perfect fit for you. In the field of application development, you will speak various programming languages like your native language after your training. This will enable you to create complex software solutions from scratch. If you are more fascinated by the interaction between hardware and software, training as an IT specialist in the field of systems integration is right for you. Here at Schmalz, you will network a wide variety of technical components into perfectly running IT systems.

Training takes place primarily in the IT department, but one thing is clear: Users from all departments rely on IT specialists at Schmalz. They explain new systems to them, take care of the technology and skillfully solve any IT challenge.

Two specialties in training - but only one direction in your career: upwards. After your training, you can continue your education to become an IT manager and work for us as a software developer, for example.