Warehouse logistics specialist

Training with a system: Warehouse logistics specialists receive goods of all kinds, record them in the warehouse management software and store them professionally. At the push of a button or by hand, you assemble goods according to orders, pack them and get everything ready for shipping.

The training

Always know where what is? With thousands of parts in the warehouse, that's not so easy. Good thing there are specialists who keep track of everything: In your training as a warehouse logistics specialist at Schmalz, you will learn how to store goods correctly and handle our modern warehouse management system. You will compile customer orders, pack the goods and complete accompanying documents such as delivery bills or customs declarations. But the work doesn't just take place at a desk: They operate forklifts and help load trucks. An exciting mix for young people who never lose sight of the big picture.

At Schmalz, the skills of warehouse logistics specialists are in demand in numerous departments, such as incoming goods, warehouse and shipping, purchasing, production and quality assurance.

There are many opportunities for further training. Do you want to become a master craftsman, or do you want to become a business economist or business administrator? At Schmalz, all paths are open to you.