SSCB-78 141-171 ZP M6-IG FSG-VU1

Part no.:

Vacuum Clamping System for automated 3D-fixation

Pitch diameter D mk78 mm
Function Suction cupJointly controlled Pins
Suct. cupsBellows suct. cup FSG
Material hardness [Shore A]72 Shore A
Height H1179 mm
SSCB-78 141-171 ZP M6-IG FSG-VU1
Attribute Value
D1 134 mm
Dmk 78 mm
D mk1 48 mm
G1 M6-F
G2 G1/4"-F
H1 179 mm
EH (min) 141 mm
EH (max) 171 mm
Zs 30 mm
Z (Stroke) 46 mm
Attribute Value
Size 60
Weight 2,609.70 g
Suction cup material Nitrile rubber NBR
Material hardness [Shore A] 72 Shore A
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Ordering information: SSCB-78 141-171 ZP M6-IG FSG-VU1

The Suction Cup Balance SSCB is delivered assembled. The delivery consists of:

  • Suction Cup Balance made of aluminium; with positioning pins
  • Suction cups FSG-VU1 or SAB-NBR 

Available spare parts: Suction cups (spare parts set), cover cap