VCMC-K1 154x128x85

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Mechanical clamp for narrow and frame parts, 1-circuit console

Phase-out article
Dimensions (LxB)154 x 128
Length L154 mm
Width B128 mm
Height H85 mm
Stroke Z25 mm
Clamping range25.0 ... 100.0 mm
VCMC-K1-QUICK 170x135x85 15-85

The product family VCMC-K1 154x128x85 phases out and is still available until 12-31-2022

Beginning on this date, the item can no longer be ordered.
Alternative item (see picture): VCMC-K1-QUICK 170x135x85 15-85

VCMC-K1 154x128x85
Attribute Value
B 128 mm
H 85 mm
L 154 mm
Z (Stroke) 25 mm
Attribute Value
Weight 3.18 kg

Ordering information: VCMC-K1 154x128x85

The mechanical clamp VCMC-K1 is delivered assembled. The product consists of: 

  • Clamping plate 
  • Main body made of aluminium 

Available spare parts: clamping plate