VCBL-K2 125x75x50 Q

Part no.:

Vacuum block for Schmalz 2-circuit console

Dimensions (LxB)125 x 75
Dimension suction plate bottom140x115 mm
Height H50 mm
VCBL-K2 125x75x50 Q
Attribute Value
B 75 mm
H 50 mm
H2 17 mm
L 125 mm
L1 145 mm
L2 67.80 mm
Attribute Value
Dimension suction plate bottom 140x115 mm
Weight 0.60 kg

Ordering information: VCBL-K2 125x75x50 Q

The vacuum block VCBL-K2 is delivered assembled. The assembly consists of:

  • Top suction plate type VCSP-O - elastomer part, available in different dimensions and suction areas
  • Main body made of plastic
  • Bottom suction plate type VCSP-U - elastomer part

Available spare parts: suction plate (top), wear part set, suction plate (bottom), sealing frame, friction plate, spare part set with steel inserts
Available accessories: suction plate foam rubber