Vacuum area gripping system with integrated pneumatic vacuum generator and flow resistors

Nozzle diameter1.5 mm
Length L297 mm
Width B123.2 mm
Height H158 mm
Add. function1x Contr.-val. vacuum/blow off
DesignEjector module SEP
Control valveNormally open
Weight2.169 kg
Construction shape vacuum switchSwitches to +
FXCB-SW150 297 3R54 SPB2 40 P VSi NO
Attribute Value
B 123.20 mm
B1 159 mm
dn 10 mm
H 158 mm
H1 164 mm
H2 47 mm
L 297 mm
L1 331 mm
L2 114.40 mm
L3 102 mm
Attribute Value
Weight 2.17 kg
Suction rate (max.) 525.90 l/min
Number of suction cells 15
Lift capacity (vertical) 80 N
Max. load (horizontal) 350 N

Ordering information: FXCB-SW150 297 3R54 SPB2 40 P VSi NO