• Ready-to-connect vacuum gripper for automated bin picking
  • Removal from containers with a random or pre-sorted packing pattern
  • Handling of freeform parts thanks to a flexible suction cup that adapts optimally to the contour of the workpiece
  • The low weight makes it ideal for stationary handling tasks with collaborative robots
Product Highlights
  • Compact, efficient and easy to clean thanks to integrated vacuum generation
  • Optimal sealing and holding force even when gripping corners and edges thanks to special bin picking suction cup
  • Fast quality control of workpieces due to the optional swivel module
  • Low weight and dynamic geometry thanks to additive manufacturing
  • MRK suitability
Bin Picker SBPG
  • Flange (1) including pneumatic connections
  • Basic module (2) with integrated vacuum switch VSi, pneumatic vacuum generator and silencer (optional)
  • Swiveling unit (3), can be swiveled 45° on one side (optional)
  • Actuator quick-change (4)
  • Interface for optional camera module (5)
  • Suction rate up to 180 l/min
  • Vacuum generation integrated or external
  • Sealing element: Bin-picking suction cup with quick-change function
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