VacuMaster Vario

Horizontal handling of especially heavy, airtight workpieces

MAX. 2000 KG


Horizontal handling of heavy workpieces up to 2,000 kg
Loading and unloading of machines with large metal sheets and plates
Solutions with higher lift capacities are also possible, e.g. for handling rotor blades weighing several tons and up to 60 m in length
Handling and positioning of glass panes and windows during production, framing and assembly
Ergonomic and damage-free handling of large loads by only one operator
Excellent work safety and process reliability thanks to vacuum reservoir and audible warning device
High lift capacity due to steel components
Long service life thanks to the robust material mix of steel, aluminum and high-strength plastic
  • Basic module (1) with electric vacuum generator, motor-protection switch and audible warning device
  • Ergonomic operator handle (2) for controlling the lifting device
  • Configurable and adjustable beam system consisting of one aluminum main beam (3) and several steel cross beams (4)
  • Suction plate holders (5) and suction plates (6) adapted to the workpiece
  • Separate operator handle (7) for lifting and lowering the load with a connected hoist, e.g. a chain hoist (not included in delivery)

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Handling Systems in Action
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