DBD 100x189 80 M42

Part no.:

Holder for double-blank sensors for reliable detection of individual sheets during destacking

External diameter D100 mm
Height H189 mm
Spring stroke Z80 mm
Add. functionM42-Sensors
DBD 100x189 80 M42
Attribute Value
D 100 mm
Ds 99.50 mm
G1 M8-F
H 189 mm
H1 223 mm
L 80 mm
X1 32 mm
X2 60 mm
Z (Stroke) 80 mm
Zs 5 mm
Attribute Value
Weight 1105 g

Ordering information: DBD 100x189 80 M42

The Holder for Double-Blank Sensor will be delivered as a single component.


Available spare parts: suction ring

Available accessories: holder system