• Clamping suspension unit for area grippers for handling workpiece layers at varying heights
  • Handling of warped boards, wooden boards and planks
  • Suitable for use in dusty environments
  • Workpiece will not detach due to dynamic bending strain (peeling effect)
Product Highlights
  • Integrated pneumatic clamping function prevents peeling effects when handling twisted boards
  • 100 mm stroke for compensation of height tolerances on the workpiece side
  • Allows swivel angle up to 60° during handling
Suspension Clampable FST-C
  • Consists of clamping board (3), brake lining (4) and swiveling flange plate (2)
  • Back plate (1) for attachment to existing beam
  • Compressed air connection (5)
  • Can be mounted on area grippers of type FXP/FMP, SBX-C and FMHD
  • Compensation of height differences
  • Prevent peeling effects when handling warped boards
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