SBS 120 SF G1/8-IG AL

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Floating suction cup for handling sensitive workpieces

Diameter120 mm
ShapeStandard Flow
Compressed-air connectionG1/8"-F
SBS 120 SF G1/8-IG AL
Attribute Value
B 121.50 mm
D 120 mm
G1 G1/8"-F
G2 M4-F
G3 G1/8"-F
H 17 mm
H1 17.40 mm
LG1 5 mm
LG2 10 mm
LG3 6 mm
X1 105 mm
Attribute Value
Holding force 89 N
Air consumption 13.50 m³/h
Air consumption 225 l/min
Pressure range (operating pressure) 1.0 ... 6.0 bar
Weight 390 g
Product family SBS

Note: Air consumption: The values provided are based on an operating pressure of 5 bar, measured on a suction-tight workpiece. The actual values may differ depending on the properties of the workpiece.
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Ordering information: SBS 120 SF G1/8-IG AL

Floating suction cup SBS is delivered assembled. The assembly consists of:

  • Floating suction cup of type SBS – available in various diameters
  • Elastomer buffer made of the material HT1
  • Optional product addition: central support


Available spare parts: Elastomer buffer, friction ring