Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster Vario

Horizontal handling of especially heavy, airtight workpieces


  • Horizontal handling of especially heavy, airtight workpieces weighing up to 2,000 kg
  • Loading and unloading machines with large-format metal sheets and plates
  • Solutions for heavier loads are also possible, e.g. lifting devices for handling rotor blades weighing several tons and up to 60 m in length 

Design and Function

  • Modular vacuum lifting device with ergonomic operator handle
  • Highly reliable manual slide valve to turn on/off the vacuum
  • Electric vacuum pump for short evacuation times
  • Robust steel load beam
  • Audible warning device and vacuum reservoir for redundant safety in loss of vacuum and power failure respectively
  • Large selection of suction plates

Product Highlights

  • Heavy loads are handled very securely
  • Simple adaption to the individual application

Product Inquiries:

We would be happy to help you design a vacuum lifting device and a compatible crane.

Product Inquiry

Accessories for Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster Vario

Vacuum Gripper Shut-Off

Adapts to changing workpieces

With the vacuum gripper shut-off valve several vacuum grippers can be turned off for handling of cut pieces or pieces with gaps.

Parking Stands

Secure storage of the lifting device

When the lifting device is not in use, the parking stands allow it to be stored securely while protecting the suction plates. This allows the crane to be used for other purposes.


Quick-connect electrical connection

The CEE plug suggests the lifting device to be easily connected to the power supply and then quickly disconnected if necessary (only for VacuMaster Basic).

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