• Flexible area gripper for handling products regardless of size and geometry
  • Allows handling of products from different picking positions
  • Ideal for stationary handling tasks with collaborative robots
  • Suitable for fully automated applications
  • Typically used for pick-and-place applications or end-of-line packaging in intralogistics
  • Handling of products in the packaging, automotive, glass or electronics sector
Product Highlights
  • Innovative product design according to ISO TS 15066 enables MRK operation
  • Modular lightweight construction for a low weight and thus a higher effective lift capacity
  • Particularly energy efficient, integrated vacuum generation for low operating costs with high operational reliability
  • Low sound level for minimal noise during collaborative operation
  • Integrated control valves for minimum cycle times and interference contours
Area Gripping Systems FQE Xc
  • Flange connection (1)
  • Silencer cover (2) and sound insulation (5)
  • Ejector modules ecoPump SEP (3) for vacuum generation
  • Suction tray (4) and exchangeable suction plate (6)
  • Multipole connector (7)
  • Optional vacuum switch VSi (8)
  • Integrated, pneumatic vacuum generation
  • Control valves
  • Suitable for lightweight robots and collaborative robots
  • Sealing element: sealing foam, suction cups
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