Vacuum area gripping system with flow resistors

Width B60 mm
Length L120 mm
Cell distance20 mm
Number of suction cells14
Suct. cupsBellows suct. pad FSG
Diameter Ds12 mm
FM-SG 120x60 20 14xFSG12
Attribute Value
B 60 mm
d4 4.50 mm
G1 G1/2"-F
G4 M6-F
H 82 mm
H1 103.50 mm
L 120 mm
X1 108 mm
Y1 46 mm
Attribute Value
Number of suction cells 14
Fuerza de retenci 12.60 N
Weight 0.80 kg
Product family FM-SW


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Ordering information: FM-SG 120x60 20 14xFSG12

Gripping System FM-SW is delivered as a ready-to-connect product.


Available spare parts: sealing plate, suction cup FG