• Modular pipe and ball clamp system with gearing for connecting holders of round pipe tooling for flexibly adjustable lightweight system
  • Wide range of uses for numerous applications with a minimum number of different components with gearing
  • Suitable for all common tooling and quick-change systems for press shops and car body construction
Assembly in specific version

Do you need an assembly in your specific version? Choose between different connections, extensions and elbows and let our experienced system consultants help you with the design.

Product Highlights
  • Durable, lighweight pipe clamps with gearings (form-fitting) optimized for highly dynamic processes with maximum output rate
  • Lean portfolio enables simple assembly of a wide variety of modules
  • Compatible with common tooling systems and flexible to use thanks to angle adjustment with 10° pitch
Connections (Geared) SXT-CON-GB
  • Pipe clamps 25 mm, 1.5" (38.1 mm) and 40 mm (1), ball clamps 28.5 and 32 mm (2)
  • Gearing with 10° pitch (3)
  • Safe mounting, as black (F) and gray (M) components are always mounted alternately (4)
  • Gearing with 10° pitch
  • Male version in gray
  • Female version in black
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