• Round suction cup for gentle handling of sensitive and fragile workpieces such as CCLs
  • Use as flat suction cup SFF for flat workpieces
  • Use as bellows suction cup SFB1 (1.5 folds) for uneven workpieces like assembled printed circuit boards
Product Highlights
  • Flexible, thin sealing lip with stabilizing support surface to protect CCLs
  • Very good vacuum distribution due to the structure for safe component handling
  • Suction cups for a wide range of requirements (food safe, chemically resistant, temperature resistant, dissipative)
  • Protection against uncontrolled electrostatic discharge by NBR-ESD
Suction Cups SFF / SFB1
  • Suction cup with thin and flexible sealing lip consisting of flat suction cup SFF (1) or bellows suction cup SFB1 with 1.5 folds (2) and Schmalz connection element SC (3)
  • Inner support surface with honeycomb structure and very good vacuum distribution
  • Suction area (Ø) from 10 mm to 30 mm
  • Suction area (Ø) from 10 mm to 40 mm
  • Material: HT1, NBR-ESD
  • Dissipative and non-marking variants

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