• Valve for applications where some of the suction cups may not be in contact with the workpiece
  • Deactivation of unused suction cups, the system vacuum is maintained
  • Handling of workpieces of different shapes and sizes with the same gripping system
Product Highlights
  • Ball seat valve closes the line when the suction cups are not occupied, thus maintaining the system vacuum
  • Low leakage can be compensated by bypass
  • Wide range of nominal sizes, also for high nominal flow
  • With male thread at the top (type SVK) or bottom (type SVKG) suitable for all common suction cups and plates
  • Ball seat valve
  • Ball in brass seat, installed in a space saving manner in an aluminum housing
  • On the type SVV, the flow rate can be adjusted continuously with an adjusting screw
  • Suitable for installation in any orientation
  • Max. blow off flow rate: 4.8 to 47.4 m³/h
  • Connection: M5 to G1/2”
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