• Touch valve for applications where some of the suction cups may not always be in contact with the workpiece
  • Vacuum line to a suction cup is opened only if a workpiece is detected by a mechanical sensor
  • May be installed in any orientation
Product Highlights
  • Mechanically actuated valve with spring loaded plunger opens vacuum line only when the suction cups are occupied
  • Suitable for all workpiece materials, even porous materials
  • Minimum size allows use in the tightest of spaces
  • Touch valve with spring loaded plunger and protective cap
  • Type TVN with molded-on suction cup nipple for direct mounting
  • Does not react if the suction cup is only partially in contact with the workpiece
  • Flow rate: 0.7 to 9.6 m³/h
  • Connection thread: G1/8” to G1/2”
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