Liquid Separators NLS

  • Use in CNC machining centers with vacuum system for metal cutting with cooling lubricant
  • High separation performance protects even powerful vacuum generators from liquid ingress
  • Control and monitoring via the control of the CNC machining center by means of industrial ethernet connection
  • Automatic separation and recirculation of the liquid during operation of the machine
  • Suitable for continuous use in three shift operation
Product Highlights
  • Automatic separation and long life ensure uninterrupted machining and maximize overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
  • Vacuum and level monitoring ensure high process control and transparency
  • Convenient operation via the machine's HMI thanks to simple integration into the bus system
  • Compact design with separate pump saves installation space when integrating into the overall machine
  • Sucked in coolant is recycled into the machine and can be reused
Liquid Separators NLS
  • Liquid separator in two-chamber design; upper chamber (1) with permanent vacuum for separation during operation
  • Lower chamber (2) with separated liquid and hose connection (3) for returning the liquid
  • Switchable vacuum supply to the clamping system (4) incl. ventilation with robust pinch valves
  • Digital vacuum switch with IO-Link function (5) for monitoring the vacuum level
  • Hose connection (6) for connecting any vacuum generator
  • Valve unit (7) and bus module (8) for control and integration into the bus system of the CNC machine
  • For vacuum pump with suction rate up to 100 m³/h
  • Separation capacity: 60 l/h
  • Integration into the control of the machining center
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