News about Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems


New needle gripper from Schmalz: Picked up instead of sucked in

Growth for the JumboErgo: Schmalz' new needle gripper holds softwood fibreboards weighing up to 100 kilograms. It makes handling large air-permeable components safe and ergonomic.


New vacuum lifter for the woodworking shop: VacuMaster Wood

Whether for carpenters, furniture makers, wood traders or other representatives of the woodworking industry: with the "Wood" version of its VacuMaster, Schmalz has designed a specialist for the lifting requirements of the woodworking industry.


The mover to pick up

JSYK wants its customers to feel comfortable. This caused the employees in the logistics warehouse backache - when picking the heavy and sometimes unwieldy furniture packages. To support the logisticians in the sprawling warehouse, the company was looking for an ergonomic lifting aid that would relieve the strain where a table or cupboard just had to be loaded.


Jumbo: Even more freedom in manual handling

Anyone who has been missing an individual gripper solution for the manual vacuum tube lifter Jumbo will now find one: Schmalz combines the proven elements of its Tooling System SXT with a new connection, thus introducing the flexible modular component system in the Handling Systems business unit.


In the balance

Where cases, cartons or sheets have to be ergonomically moved, stacked or deposited, lifting aids such as the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo are often in use. However, any vacuum lifter would only be half as useful without an important system: the crane system. Schmalz proves that the right crane solution plays more than a supporting role.


Schmalz: New KLT gripper shows if it fits

With the new JumboFlex KLT gripper, Schmalz simplifies and speeds up the ergonomic lifting of small load carriers. The new load handling device is impressive: compact in shape, light in weight and extra safe in the process.

Suction plates SUF - Strong alternative for the VacuMaster modular system

Lighter, more powerful and more intelligent. The suction plate SUF has been demonstrating its capabilities in automation for more than two years. Now users of the vacuum lifting device VacuMaster also benefit from the properties of the blue suction pad for universal use.

Scratch free to the tire shop

RONLOG GmbH delivers alloy rims all over the world. Vacuum lifters and a new rim gripper protect the rims from scratches during handling and relieve employees during packing and picking. As a field test partner, the logistics company has been benefiting from the latest Schmalz development for some time.

Ergonomics to go

With the JumboFlex Picker, Schmalz has developed a self-sufficient solution for mobile order picking of packages weighing up to 40 kilograms. Users only need an industrial truck to bring the ergonomics to the desired place of use - including the pallet. The new Schmalz solution will be available from mid-2021.

Handling of rims without scratches

With the new rim gripper from Schmalz, rims and complete wheels weighing up to 50 kilograms can be handled effortlessly, quickly and, above all, without damage. The operating principle of the mechanical gripper is safe and reminiscent of the trailer mechanism of a well-known slide vehicle for children.

Formula 1 feeling for the VacuMaster Comfort

Schmalz has thoroughly revised the proven vacuum lifting device VacuMaster Comfort for loads up to max. 750 kg: With the optimised operating unit in ergonomic design and the newly designed control panel, the user can operate the vacuum lifting device comfortably and intuitively.

Digital Product File – Comprehensive Servicing via Smartphone

The digital product file is a new function for the Schmalz ControlRoom app that provides transparency in manual handling. Schmalz is equipping its vacuum lifters and crane systems with identification tags that can be read by your smartphone using a QR code or NFC technology (near-field communication). They gives you immediate access to device-specific information and important servicing and contact data.


JumboFlex 50 – New Suction Plate for Handling Cardboard Boxes

Schmalz has added an oval suction plate with a size of 180x90 to its SAOF series. Up to this point, the only gripper solutions available were for the JumboFlex series 20 and 35, with a maximum lift capacity of 20 and 35 kg respectively. The new size means it can also now be combined with the vacuum tube lifters JumboFlex and JumboFlex High-Stack for workpieces weighing up to 50 kg. This new arrival adds another gripper to Schmalz’s JumboFlex modular system. In combination with the new beams, it allows the user to configure double or even four-head suction grippers to optimally meet his or her requirements.


Maintaining Distance during Package Season

Black Week, Cyber Monday, and the end-of-year rush present a challenge to online retailers. Parcel delivery services rely on additional staff to process the high volume of orders on time. However, hygiene regulations are making workflows even more difficult this year. Fortunately, the JumboFlex provides a remedy. With the vacuum tube lifter, heavy parcels can be sorted, stacked, and loaded quickly, ergonomically, and at the required distance since moving them no longer requires two people.


New Silencer Box from Schmalz: Safe on the Inside and Quiet on the Outside

Schmalz has developed a new silencer box for the vacuum pumps in its EVE 25-50 series. The box is not only more compact than its predecessor, it also protects the vacuum generator from external contamination. The user can now lower the sound level by up to nine decibels, dissipate operating noises in a targeted way and further reduce noise pollution as a result.


Ease of Use

J. Schmalz GmbH has expanded its proven VacuMaster Light series. In addition to two pre-configured vacuum lifting devices, a new version with a beam system is now also available to users. Based on a comprehensive modular system, it allows individual product configurations and thus even more areas of application for the vacuum lifting device.


Sink handling becomes a One-Man Show

Duravit not only attaches great importance to visual perfection, but also to ergonomic handling solutions during production. Duravit relies on vacuum tube lifters from vacuum specialist Schmalz to pack its beautifully designed ceramic sinks, which weigh up to 35 kilograms, into cardboard boxes after production. This reduces physically strenuous work as well as illness-related absences.


Get a Grip on What Comes

Schmalz has designed a new multi-gripper for the vacuum tube lifters in the JumboFlex series. Thanks to additive production technology, it is particularly light and compact. The multi-gripper is now available in two different formats.


Gripper Update for Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboErgo

Schmalz is introducing a new generation of area grippers for its vacuum tube lifters in the JumboErgo series. The FMP is hugely versatile and reliably grips heavy workpieces weighing up to 140 kilograms even when only part of the suction area is covered. It replaces the FM gripper. Thanks to its modular design, the FMP also provides a basis for extending the area gripper portfolio for the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo in the future.


JumboFlex: New Operator Handles with Unique Functions

By introducing three new operator handles, Schmalz is expanding its modular system for the vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex. Depending on the design, the new control handles can increase safety, simplify or accelerate the handling process. Users can now choose from the JumboFlex Safety+, JumboFlex Easy-Release and JumboFlex Quick-Release.

Enough Space for a Cool Head

What should you do if you want an ergonomic lifting aid, but your ceiling height is too low for conventional crane systems? Schmalz’s solution is a modular flat jib made of aluminum that guarantees smooth movement sequences, even in low rooms. This novelty arrived at just the right time for Erkodent: The dental thermoforming device manufacturer wanted to optimize the packaging process at the end of the assembly line and needed a solution that left enough space for an air-conditioning system that had already been planned.

More Safety During Machine Loading

Schmalz’s slewing angle limiter allows the workspaces of jib cranes to be activated or restricted. Thanks to new process monitoring, the higher-level control can query the position of the jib and start or disable processing steps accordingly.

Cable Carrier V-Chain Makes Space

Schmalz is expanding the product range for its flat jib, saving space at the same time: The new V-Chain packs the hose assembly for the vacuum supply into a cable track, making loose-hanging loops a thing of the past and allowing even forklift trucks to pass safely under the flat jib.

Ergonomic under Load: Vacuum Handling Systems for the Logistics Industry

One in three online buyers now makes several online orders every week. In 2019, online sales grew by over eleven percent compared to the previous year. This is the result of the e-commerce consumer study by the German E-Commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association (bevh). Manufacturers, dealers and logistics service providers therefore need to optimize their processes accordingly. In order to become more efficient and work more quickly but at the same time protect the health of their employees, it is worth investing in ergonomic lifting devices. J. Schmalz GmbH is an expert in this field. Schmalz designs individual handling solutions and crane systems. The manufacturer also helps to improve the internal material flow in terms of time and costs while at the same time maintaining a focus on ergonomics.

Collaborative Rope Balancer: Handling Takes on a new Dimension

Schmalz's collaborative rope balancer combines efficient commisioning with delicate positioning. Motorized support for the operator's movements in all three spatial dimensions. Intelligent safety queries prevent collisions as well as lifting and dropping errors and thereby increase work safety.

Volkswagen names Schmalz “Top Innovator of the 2016 Volkswagen Logistics Day”

Volkswagen has named J. Schmalz GmbH “Top Innovator of the 2016 Volkswagen Logistics Day.” The automotive company honored the vacuum specialist's forward-looking projects in manual handling. Out of about 180 participants, Schmalz was appointed to a shortlist of the 20 best innovators by logistics experts from VW and the Institute for Production Management (IPM).

Door lifting made easy

The Brunegg AG door factory from Switzerland manufactures between 500 and 600 doors every day. Because of this the company is the market leader in the country. The growing range includes increasingly larger and heavier doors - this places high demands on the handling technology during production. Due to this, the manufacturer is pursuing the powerful lifting aids of the vacuum specialist Schmalz. With the Jumbo Ergo 300 tube lifter, employees can move up to 250kg doors effortlessly, safely and without risking injury to their backs.

Schmalz Vacuum Tube Lifter for the Ergonomic Handling of Starter Batteries

With its vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex Battery, Schmalz is providing a complete solution for the ergonomic and safe handling of starter batteries. Batteries commissioned edge to edge on the pallet have to date made removal difficult. Particularly for models without handles, the batteries weighing up to almost 30 kilograms have to be manually removed and transferred with great physical exertion because it is not possible to grip them mechanically.

Vacuum tube lifter from Schmalz: Ergonomic movement of heavy wooden boards

The Swiss joinery business Ziehli stands for craftsmanship and precision in the field of furniture construction. From its base in Lobsigen, north west of Berlin, the company creates custom products tailored to customer requirements, which naturally requires a great deal of flexibility. The employees in Ziehli’s production facilities have recently welcomed an able new assistant in the form of the Schmalz JumboErgo 300 vacuum tube lifter. It allows for more ergonomic handling of heavy and unwieldy wooden boards, while also optimizing the production process.

Schmalz Introduces Vacuum Lifters for Ground Conveyors

Electrically operated ground conveyors play a central role in logistics centers and intra-logistics. 2014 was a record year for this market segment. At the same time, the need for lifting aids in warehousing and picking technology is also increasing in order to improve efficiency on the one hand and take the strain off employees on the other – especially against the backdrop of shifting demographics. J. Schmalz GmbH is staying abreast with these developments, offering an integrated solution based on vacuum tube lifters and electrical stackers. The tube lifter is attached directly to the floor conveyor and allows you to move loads with ease.

Lightweight but Robust: The Upward Trend in Aluminum Crane Systems

For some time now, the market for cranes has been dominated by the established manufacturers of steel crane systems for transporting heavy loads ranging up to several tons. Over the last few years, however, the sector for smaller load capacities of under a ton has been experiencing some extremely dynamic development. What this sector requires are manually controlled systems that are responsive and ergonomic. The vacuum and handling technology specialist J. Schmalz GmbH was one of the first manufacturers to launch a fully developed system of lightweight aluminum crane systems back in 2006. The company has experienced continuous growth in the sector.

Demographic Challenges: Vacuum Handling Takes the Load off Employees in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has felt the effect of changing demographics. The average age in manufacturing plants is constantly rising, and ergonomic workspaces are therefore becoming more and more important. Vacuum handling systems from J. Schmalz GmbH improve health and safety protection in the sector. The company offers a wide range of solutions that can be used to move a variety of loads such as front windshields, hoods or starter batteries ergonomically and with health and safety in mind.

Operation declared a success: Vacuum lifting devices from Schmalz streamline processes for medical engineering specialist

MEDIKOMP, based in Rastatt, Germany specializes in the production and assembly of complete medical products, with a focus on metalwork. At its Ötigheim site, it produces state-of-the-art, variable operating theaters. To transport the doors and wall panels ergonomically and efficiently, MEDIKOMP uses several handling solutions produced by vacuum specialist Schmalz. The following practical example shows just how successful this partnership is.

Aluminum Crane Systems: Specialist Interview with Klaus-Dieter Schwabenthan

Klaus-Dieter Schwabenthan, manager of the handling systems division at vacuum specialist J. Schmalz GmbH, speaks about the trend towards lightweight aluminum crane systems and the range of Schmalz cranes.