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The aim of our website is to help you in all phases of your information gathering and purchase decision. From the search function to instructions on how to operate our products - all the information you need is available in just a few clicks.

6,000+ articles online

Around 6,000 products from our range of vacuum components, clamping systems and workshop equipment are available for ordering directly in our online shop.

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Extensive product and industry knowledge

Vacuum Knowledge

The “Vacuum knowledge” section offers comprehensive expertise on the field of vacuum technology. It also explains the functions and areas of application of single vacuum components and manual vacuum lifters. This section guides you step by step through the design of automatic vacuum systems.

Vacuum Knowledge


Application Reports

Application reports from various industries give you an insight into the possible applications and uses of our vacuum technology. You will experience vacuum technology in real-life applications through videos. The Industries section guides you through the various areas of application of vacuum technology in your industry.

Application Reports


"How-to" Videos

Short “how-to” videos will explain the start of operations, programming, operation and maintenance of products. Product management experts will explain each product step by step.

"How-to" Videos


Vacuum Glossary

The alphabetized glossary explains extensive vacuum technology vocabulary in short sentences.

Vacuum Glossary


Customer-specific prices

You can see the prices of the items available in the online shop from the vacuum component, vacuum clamping technology and workshop equipment product areas directly in product availability requests or inside the basket. You must log into our online shop to view these prices.

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Real-time availability check

Immediate product availability requests for every shop item allows you to plan efficiently and reliably. You must log into our online shop to download this data.


Product comparison & easy selection

The comparison list allows you to place single products side by side with just a few clicks to compare them by their properties as well as their prices.

3D CAD models

You can download 2D and 3D CAD data for free from our web portal. This data can be used freely and can be directly integrated into CAD designs. You must log into our online shop to download this data.

Extensive system design knowledge

Certain calculations are required for the design of individual components when you plan a vacuum system. All products come with the required technical data.


Selection aids & configurators

User-friendly selection aid, filters and configurators assist in selecting products.

Vacuum End Effectors VEE

Delivery tracking

“Online transactions” give you an insight into every transaction that you and your colleagues have carried out on our web platform. Here you can view all submitted orders and basket inquiries, as well as particular transaction details.

My Online Transactions


Order center with order history

In “My account,” you can view your latest account activities and update your account information. Keep track of your and your colleagues’ order history, as well, and easily re-order products.

My Order History


Direct orders

Do you know the part number of the products you are looking for? Then you can place the products straight into the basket by ordering directly. You can place large orders this way very quickly.

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Easy selection of accessories

You can find a complete accessory catalog compatible for each product directly on the product pages. You can order all accessory parts on the online shop.

Extensive documentation with operating instructions

Each product page provides detailed documentation, such as operating instructions, conformity declarations and product-specific software downloads. You can use this documentation to help start operations of your gripping system.


Quick selection of personal system consultant

Our field system consultants offer you reliable consulting on site. Using your post code, you can quickly find the contact information for your contact person hassle-free.

System Consultant Search


Large applications database with useful operation and service information

Start of operations and maintenance for your gripping system has become easier thanks to the extensive video databases configurable with filters with “how-to” videos for such things as assembly, maintenance actions and product demonstrations.

Application Reports
"How-to" videos

Easy identification of accessories

You can find compatible accessory and spare parts directly on the product pages. Of course, these are also available to order on the online shop.


Selection aids and configurators

User-friendly selection aid, filters and configurators assist in selecting products.

Vacuum End Effectors VEE