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Vacuum technology - tailored to your requirements

Customer specific vacuum technology seminars

In our customer specific training courses we impart our experience in a wide range of industries in the field of vacuum technology. The seminars are tailored specifically to your requirements. The basis is our vacuum technology course and seminar, which are expanded to include the desired industry- or customer-specific topics. The seminars can be held either on your premises or in our training rooms and usually last one to two training days.

  • Function and applications of vacuum components
  • Design and optimization of vacuum systems
  • Industry specific training content
  • Customer specific training content
Interesting for: Plant and production managers, design engineers, maintenance personnel, service technicians
Duration 1-2 training days or by arrangement

Event date

  • Event: Customer specific seminars
  • Date: on request
  • Item no:
  • Price: on request

[Translate to English:] Vakuumtechnik im Bildungsbereich

[Translate to English:] Von unserem Know-how als führender Anbieter von Vakuum-Technologie im Bereich der Automatisierung profitieren auch Bildungseinrichtungen. Die Lerninhalte sind speziell auf die Anforderungen im Bildungsbereich zugeschnitten. Das Erlernte kann praxisgerecht in den Unterricht einbezogen werden. Vermittelt wird neben den Grundbegriffen und Einsatzgebieten der Vakuumtechnik auch eine Übersicht über die Vakuum-Komponenten und deren Funktion. Dabei kommen Lernmaterialien zur Anwendung, die im Bereich der Lehre eingesetzt werden können.

  • Basic knowledge for the design of vacuum systems
  • Vacuum technology in the field of teaching
  • Application of learning materials for vacuum technology
Interesting for: Teachers, lecturers, laboratory managers, as well as instructors and trainees from technically oriented fields
Duration 1 training day

Event date

  • Event: Vacuum technology in the educational field
  • Date: on request
  • Item no.:
  • Price: on request

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