Dry-Running Vacuum Pumps EVE-TR X

  • Vacuum pump for a wide variety of applications in automatic and manual handling
  • Handling of airtight workpieces
  • Rapid evacuation of vacuum systems
Product Highlights
  • Honed housing and durable rotary vane made of resin bonded carbon
  • Multi-cell compressor principle guarantees vibration-free operation and low-pulsation, continuous output
  • Excellent heat dissipation thanks to permanently lubricated bearings and powerful cooling fan
  • Individually adjustable suction flow rate for optimized air consumption and a wide range of applications
  • Vacuum pump in a dry-running design with or without an additional filter
  • In a three phase version
  • Pump acting as a sliding vane compressor with especially vibration free operation and constant feed volumes
  • Compact design with integrated fan and permanently lubricated bearing
  • Mounting hole with integrated damping element
  • Installation position preferable horizontally with the motor shaft
  • Suction rate: 10 to 129 m³/h
  • Max. vacuum: 92 %


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