• Sack gripper with very low weight for the automated handling of bags
  • Handling of paper, plastics and fabric bags
  • Handling of porous, bag-like workpieces and handling of bags with a low filling level
  • Use for bag handling tasks with industrial robots or cobots
Product Highlights
  • Reliable handling of bags of different materials and geometries
  • Innovative sealing element ensures a longer service life than conventional foam rubber solutions
  • Modular design for low weight and easy maintenance of the sealing element
  • Direct, easy access to device data via smartphone via NFC interface
Sack Grippers PSSG-X
  • The module (0) for the gripper connection to the robot is available in a rigid version or with floating attachment (height compensation)
  • Hose connection (straight/angled) for the connector of an external vacuum generator or choice of integrated vacuum generation using SEP nozzles (1)
  • Lightweight sack gripper housing made of glass fiber reinforced plastics (2)
  • Innovative sealing element (3) made of FDA-compliant silicone or wear-resistant NBR
  • Filter fleece (4) protects the system from contamination
  • Adjustable support grid (5) prevents the bag packaging from being pulled in
  • Sack gripper with integrated vacuum generation
  • Dimensions: 290 x 215 mm to 350 x 250 mm
  • Material: NBR, SI
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