Suction Glas-cup for Innospann

Dimensions (LxB)80 x 80
Length L80 mm
Width B80 mm
Height H30 mm
Attribute Value
B 80 mm
H 30 mm
L 80 mm
Attribute Value
Weight 0.17 kg
There is no CAD data online available for this item. Please contact your local contact person.

Ordering information: ISCUP-G 80x80x30 Cup 1

The Innospann modular system can be constructed from three basic modules: 

  • Innospann Mono-Base ISMB or Innospann Quad-Base ISQB 
  • Innospann Suction Cup ISCUP 

The different versions of the articles can be freely combined and extended. Cup, base and intermediate rings are delivered separately. 


Available spare parts: See Innospann accessories and spare parts