Main Beam

Application / process step

Your benefits

  • Handling of main girders, auxiliary girders, main webs and auxiliary webs with one lifting device
  • Enables demolding, handling, storing and installing – with or without adapting to the contours
  • Simple setup of the suction plates to adapt to the contours when picking up the girders
  • Safe handling thanks to redundant vacuum circuits and additional safety straps
  • Optional web turning device for horizontal demolding and vertical storage of a web
  • Adaptation to different rotor blades is possible
  • Individual segment length optimized for standard transport dimensions (up to 12 meters)

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Experienced system consultants will help you design the vacuum solution to suit your industry-specific needs.

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Technical data

Lifting capacity From 1.5 t to 5 t (demolding force taken into account)
Component weight From 1 t to 3.5 t (girder); approx. 1.5 t (web)
Component length Up to 85 m