Vacuum Technology for Handling Container Glass

Hollow glass or container glass refers to glass that is used for the packaging products. Glass is easy to clean, hygienic, tasteless, odorless and inert, which is why container glass is primarily used in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Some 40% of all beverages are packaged in glass. The workpieces are mostly produced in a machine blowing processes, or in mould presses. For this purpose, the glass is melted at up to 1600°C and then shaped. The glass is cooled without tension, then refined as necessary and supplied or packaged fort he filling processes.

The glass is handled using vacuum technology. Glass workpieces can be handled individually, several at a time or in entire layers on pallets, e.g. in filling machines in the food and beverage industry.

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Requirements for Vacuum Technology

Flexible and adaptable
Different shapes of glass and layer structures are no problem for the large-area grippers with patented combi foam. The large-area gripping systems FXP/FMP can be used to grip an enormous range of different glass workpieces without complex gripper changes or modification processes during production. The adaptable foam levels out the height differences within a layer. The integrated valve technology allows reliable handling even with low coverage oft he suction area, for example handling just one glass out of an entire layer.

Gentle handling
Even the thinnest glass, such as drinking glasses, must be transported without damage or tension. The large-area gripping systems FXP/FMP with soft foam contact surfaces are the optimal solution to this application problem. The necessary vacuum value is adjusted to the application to avoid high forces and tensions in the glass.

Short cycle times
The glass workpieces must be gripped, transported and released again with short cycle times. The integrated valve technology allows the layer grippers SPZ and the large-area grippers FXP/FMP to quickly generate the vacuum and then quickly and precisely reduce it using the integrated blow-off function.

Handling intermediate layers
In most applications, not only the workpieces themselves, but also intermediate layers such as cardboard or plastic must be handled with the same gripper system. The integrated valve technology of the grippers allows different intermediate layers to be gripped directly. In addition, suction cups can be added to the gripping system to hande intermediate layers.

Vacuum Technology for the Container Glass Sector