Vacuum Technology for the Metal and Sheet Metal Industry

Fast Cycle Times and High Operational Reliability

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Fast cycle times and high operational reliability are essential to automated handling of metal and metal sheets. Vacuum technology from Schmalz is used as a gripper system on portals and robots, for example to link press lines. The gripping solution can be configured and designed individually with a broad range of separate vacuum components, or purchased as a ready-to-connect gripper system for a specific application.

Schmalz has developed suction cups for handling metal and sheet metal that ideally meet the requirements of the industry. The suction cup materials ensure a long service life, even with oily or hot surfaces, while the optimized shape allows gripping of convex and concave components, and absorption of shear forces, during dynamic processes.

Schmalz also offers special vacuum generators to minimize cycle times. The compact ejectors SXMPi also have extensive functions for energy and process control.

Vacuum Technology for the Industries Metal and Sheet Metal

Vacuum lifters and smoothly running crane systems make manual processes more ergonomic

Vacuum lifters and cranes for manual processes in the metal and sheet metal industry

Vacuum clamping technology for reliable and distortion-free machining in CNC machines

Clamping equipment for processing of metall

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