Vacuum area gripping system for external vacuum generator, with ball check valves

Length L640 mm
Width B130 mm
Material typeFoam O, Height 2x10 mm
construction shape fittingsStraight
External diameter D32 mm
Weight2.9 kg
FMP-SVK 640 5R18 O10O10 G32
Attribute Value
B 130 mm
B3 21.60 mm
D 32 mm
H 65 mm
H1 106 mm
H2 20 mm
H3 7.70 mm
H4 5.50 mm
H5 41 mm
L 640 mm
L2 600 mm
L3 90 mm
Y1 90 mm
Valve type SVK
Attribute Value
Arrangement 5R18
Material type Foam O, Height 2x10 mm
Number of suction cells 165
Suction force at -250 mbar 630 N
Weight 2.90 kg
Sealing element Sealing Foam
Evacuation rate for pu = -0,25 bar 450 l/min
Product family FMP


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