• Ball joint for handling of workpieces with sloping surfaces with the aid of large suction cups or suction plates
  • Handling of large sheets of materials such as wood or sheet metal which may sag when lifted; flexible mounting with KGL prevents premature pulling-off of the sheet due to one-sided forces
  • Can be used together with spring plungers to compensate for differing workpiece heights and uneven surfaces
Product Highlights
  • All-round articulated mounting of suction cups and suction plates, ideal for inclined workpiece surfaces
  • Safe handling due to heavy-duty, vacuum-tight ball joint
  • Low swivel point of the suction cup minimizes wear when touching down on sloping surfaces
Ball Joints KGL
  • Ball and socket made of galvanized steel (KGL...) or stainless steel (KGL...A2)
  • Ball and socket (2) with O-ring seal to prevent vacuum leaks
  • Connection thread above (1) and below (3) in various sizes
  • Max. deflection: 15°
  • Connection: G1/8” to G1/2”
  • Deflection: max. 15°
  • Sealed ball-and-socket joint with vacuum tight seal
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