SWGm-6A 146x146x40 1xE100 A PEEK

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Wafer gripper for fast and careful handling of photovoltaic components

ShapeAxial exhaust air
Length L146 mm
Width B146 mm
Height H40 mm
Number of ejectors1
Performance classE100
construction shape compact ejectorsBlow-off function
SWGm-6A 146x146x40 1xE100 A PEEK
Attribute Value
B 146 mm
d 6 mm
d1 4 mm
d2 14 mm
G1 G3/8"-F
G2 M4-F
G3 M4-F
H 40 mm
H2 10.50 mm
L 146 mm
X1 46 mm
X2 110.60 mm
Attribute Value
Pressure range (operating pressure) 1.0 ... 3.0 bar
Size 6
Holding force 12 ... 43 N
Suction rate m³/h
Suction rate 190 ... 350 l/min
Air consumption m³/h
Air consumption 60 ... 120 l/min
Operating temperature 5 ... 75 °C
Weight 275 g
Shape Axial exhaust air
Product family SWGM
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Ordering information: SWGm-6A 146x146x40 1xE100 A PEEK

Wafer gripper SWGm is delivered assembled. The assembly consists of:

  • Wafer gripper of type SWGm – available in various dimensions, with axial or lateral exhaust


Available spare parts: suction area

Available accessories: component for discharging exhaust air, holder system, suction/absorption module, floating suction cup module, exhaust duct, solenoid valves, flange plate